Cobia Boats


Pick a Cobia and Go!

That’s all you have to do because we’ve taken care of everything else. The Cobia team’s single-minded focus is to design and build boats that are safe, last a lifetime, and maximize every precious moment away from the dock. Look closely and you’ll see it in our smart, user-friendly designs, expert craftsmanship, and use of only the highest quality materials. Because we know that with every extra attention to detail we take, your and your family’s days on the water just got better. So go make memories, live your dreams and experience the other side of the horizon.

The Construction

Ask Cobia owners what they like most about their boats and you’ll get a range of answers. You’ll likely hear about how solid their boat feels under their feet. Others will talk about how nice it is to own a boat that requires so little maintenance even after years of use. And some will tell you how safe they feel while onboard because they know that their boat and its systems are not going to let them down. No matter the answer, it will be rooted in the confidence that comes from knowing they own a superbly built product.

All Cobias are built to American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards, the highest in the industry. But we don’t stop there. Here are just a few of the extra steps we take before, during and after the build process to insure your Cobia will take your fishing and boating to new levels, safely and confidently.


Center Consoles

Cobia 201 Model

Solid, safe, and easy to trailer. Perfect for family fun on the water.


Fish hard and play hard, all in comfort.


Big offshore performance and “right-sized” features.


The 24 foot center console reinvented.


Even more cockpit space than before.                                           


The best just got better.                                                                    



Raising the bar in the 30 foot category once again.                  


Giving you uncompromising excellence by design and a dive door. 

Inventory Place Holder
350 CC

The perfect blend of performance, luxury, and fishing smarts.

Dual Consoles

220 Dual Console

The brand new “do it all” dual console.                                           

240 Dual Console

The 24 dual console you have been waiting for.

280 Dual Console

The advantage all the water has to offer.    

Inventory Place Holder
330 Dual Console

Luxurious, refined, and ready for anything.